Find and kill and find and SMASH

So, given to bouts of anxiety as I am, I thought I'd drag my tensed-up carcass to a meditation class tonight. Since I came across the leaflet last week, advertising the start of the course with plenty of time, in the chip shop I rarely visit - I figured it was ser-en-dip-it-tuss and that. Only as it transpired, fate did not want me to attend after all. For fate intervened in the form of a football, erratically kicked by a small boy, straight through my flimsy lounge window.

The dog had been peacefully snoozing on the chair and barrelled into the hall with the end of his tail so far between his legs it almost outran his head. Judging by the unholiness of the atmosphere in the room now, I can only conclude he had a small accident along the way. (Oh it's in the spaces between the old wooden slats I shall have to move immediately.) The noise was like someone dropping a crate of empty wine bottles down a short flight of stairs, SMASH bump SMASHASH tinkle tinkle tinkle. The image was so fixed in my mind that as I ran down the Corridor to see, I was actually thinking "Did I leave a large collection of empty wine bottles somewhere?" Ah, l'idee fixe or whatever.

So, yeah, glass everyfuckingwhere ranging from flakes resembling proper posh sea salt sprinkled on the sofa to big ugly semi-rectangular guillotines scattered all the way across the floor and propped on the radiator. It's just as well I hadn't settled in to watch The Simpsons on the sofa with my left cheek about six inches from the window. Brrr. I am genuinely interested to see how my skin ages, thank you.

A nice man who was passing stopped to say he'd seen a boy run next door. The child of my nice neighbour. Turns out the little bugger just sat down to tea and not a word said not a peep the little swine. Within half an hour (after phoning for a proper cockney, who came round all bald and took out the giant daggers of glass from the frame with his bare hands) she'd marched him round to apologise. Apparently it hadn't really sunk in until Nice Neighbour explained to him that the lovely Beast could have got glass in his paws. It was all sort of charming, really, in spite of the ruined evening and the meticulous sweeping and traumatised dog and all. Quite sort of 1950s. High jinks. Boys playing in the street and scurrying away when they break windows. A quaint domestic mishap. Beats violent burglary.

It was all very 21st C. on Friday, though, as it was my birthday and there was polite end-of-evening naughty debauchery at 3am. All a very welcome surprise. Previous to that there was a long and pleasant evening on some leathery sofas and fighting over jukebox and the like. I don't know why I'm so surprised when an evening goes well and everyone is happy and all is full of love (and substances), but it keeps it fresh, I suppose.

I had lots of things to write about on here (I will not use that cursed new verb!) but of course not being a proper blogger, I haven't. They included

- Something unforgivably glib and superfluous (probably) about the Virginia Tech massacre and America's bone-deep gun culture. Guns do seem to foster this forgetfulness, absent-mindedness or sense of unreality, about human life - because it must be so easy to just shoot someone. It takes very little physical energy and you can do it from a distance. It must be not quite like actual killing. There's no point even discussing gun control because that's not going to be the issue, the gun lobby's too powerful and guns are right up there with free speech in the US in any case, and people will still say that if he really wanted to he would have set bombs to kill just as many people, etc, etc.

You just have to hope that if something has to give, it's neither the race issue, nor the mental health one. Ostracising anyone for any reason is only going to lead to more of the same, and sectioning anyone who writes bad plays isn't going to help either and is just going to pile misery upon misery and ignorance upon ignorance upon fear upon bullshit - but then, this is always going to happen, especially in America, and so... given the options, they should probably do nothing but brief their police better, and encourage people to be a bit nicer to the weird kids. Perhaps have actual background checks for gun purchasers, rather than making it easier than getting a credit card. Try that. That wouldn't infringe on anyone's God-given right to own an instrument of death, would it?

His last eBay purchase was 37 rubber duckies. It's not funny, not sad, just... nothingy. Which is sad, I suppose.

- Something about the BRMC gig. But then I still have to write up that other stuff on them if I'm going to bother, and so I should incorporate it in there or something. I smoked a cigarette. It seemed only right and natural. I did enjoy it. Maybe I could start smoking and then quit on July 1st when the ban comes in, and do a crappy psuedo-journalistic programme about my nicotiney adventure for BBC Three. It'd be less dangerous than those awful rampantly unethical things where women try to get to size zero by eating their own earwax for a fortnight.

Anyway, they were just as they always were and I was quite beside myself.

- Something about this Cutting Edge doc (don't read that, it's shit, and they can't spell 'eke' and should be fired) about foxes in Stoke Newington, just like me old mucker done did. (He done the VT thing as well. Oh he is better than me. Tsk.) Some sentimental old middle-clarse fools put food out for the foxies and gave them unimaginative names. Still, at least they put chicken livers out, and not Swiss rolls like some asshats did. Some younger and louder middle-clarse fools kept chickens in a coop made of string and fairy leg hairs in their vast Islington-lite back garden, and were infuriated when foxes kept getting in and killing their birds. This was fucking up their shit, and apparently the shit of the world at large, because as they constantly said, they were "trying to be green". How awful - think of the acceleration in the melting of the ice caps every time Foxy crunched down on a chicken neck. The family were all haughty grumpy exasperated about all the sentimental idiots in the area putting food out for them and treating them like ickle flufflies, but even more pissed at the foxes themselves.

The thing is, as was explained to the family, it ain't no good snuffing the pests because as long as the food supply remains, others will come. Others will come. It's like Field of Dreams, except with a rubbish chicken coop instead of a nice baseball park. Regardless! the man of the house hired a fucking marksman to come and shoot the beasts. They had to lure them by leaving meat out in the garden for several nights. A pregnant vixen was dropped first - they really did drop, then stretch a bit, it was horrible, but you can't deny it was quick - then her mate, who'd heard the shot, and screamed, and came to find her. Eerie little bastards, they are. No wonder people anthropomorphosise them. They do people stuff. (Elephants have 'funerals', you know. But anyway.)

So that was that. Except for the fact that it wasn't because as had been patiently explained to them, others came. It was a beautiful illustration of hypocrisy; knowing that shooting the foxes was futile, they went ahead anyway, which makes it an act of revenge, which means they were attributing human qualities and drives and motives to animals... which makes them every bit as noxiously sentimental as the dickheads they derided who think foxes really like cake.

Actually, it was hardly about foxes at all. It was about how awful and poisonous that fat hostile self-righteous posturing and thoroughly ignorant streak of the middle-clarse is. I love Stoke Newington - oh the pretty restaurants and sexy houses and the wondrous cemetery that's in the new Amy Winehouse vid - but it may be some kind of Bermuda Triangle for human decency. It may!

Other than that, I am reading A Round-Heeled Woman. It is not very good. Sorry. It's not. Shame because she is great and it's a good story. It's a month till The Book is out. Erk. I am listening to LCD Soundsystem (yes but I can't be arsed to find a link, it's true). It is very good. I saw John Carpenter's The Thing at the weekend. It was excellent. I am tricking myself into writing something. It will either be brilliant or shit. That's how it goes.

Oh, and this is the best headline... ever. They must have had some kind of moment of perfect shiny enlightenment and inner peace as soon as they thought of it, before screaming and running through Wapping naked. Even if they weren't in Wapping.

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I Want Cheesecake

Fortunately I have some in my fridge. So that's alright, then. Instant gratification. Reward for doing the work I should have done at the weekend. It would be more appropriate if it was a day out of date, of course, but I'm sure I'll find some way to balance that out.

I seem to be interviewing people again, suddenly. I hate the loathsome charade of the sorry nonsense (and I know it's more my fault than that of my interviewees, and more the fault of the nasty big PR machine than mine, etc) but it's money. In this case the freelance rates have actually gone up, which is approximate to inflation going down i.e. fookin unlikely. I will get £36 more for what I just did than for my dalliance with That Rock Band. Which works out at... 16p more per word, if I know my maths, and I really absolutely don't and never have done. Anyway, it's more, and I'll enjoy it until the next budget meeting which concludes that all the staff must work 23 hour days for the same money, and all freelancers must be banished to the wilds of Tibet.

I'm on the point of losing a gig that replaced another lost gig, and I have never been more with the sunshine and the hay thing, at least in theory. Something that should be applied to all areas of life. While one is young. Sigh.

On a fairly not unrelated note, The Friday Thing is dead, gently smothered by time and can-no-longer-be-arsedness. You can't afford to get sentimental about these things, of course, but then I'm not sure you can afford not to. A bit. Just as a buffer.

I really need to do some more blagging. No, blAgging. Blogging Can Wait.

I went to a Motown/Northern Soul club in Walthamstow on Saturday night. People clapped after some of the songs. It was lovely. I am going to enjoy getting old, to the point at which I rather wish I'd hurry up and do it, because wasting my youth in the non-approved non-rebellious fashion is making me a bit uncomfortable.

Actually that's crap, I'm not doing a bad job. I just need to be doing it in shorter skirts. Skirts of any sort would be a start. But why do women wear them? They're like really rubbish trousers, that's what they are.